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A Proposal About Multidisciplinary Nature Of Temperament: A Perspective Of Individual Differences Based On Temperament According To Nine Types Temperament Model in Preschool Education


Background: Number of studies about individual differences based on temperament, effect of personality on education environment and importance of temperament in education have increased day by day. Nowadays, many temperament models are resources for education researches. Moreover, preschool education approach focused on temperament does not attract attention for determination of individual differences and for practice school application.

Method: This study includes articles and e-books which are classic in preschool field established between 1980 and 2015. Searches are made by using word series preschool education, temperament, temperament in education ve temperament in classroom in googlebooks, googlescholar and pubmed database.

Findings: Temperament which is a multidiciplinary approach could be an integrative parameter, which provides determination of individual differences in behavioral, emotional and cognitive fields. Moreover, determination of individual differences through temperament type, which constitutes core of future personality could provide freedom for that children present their uniqness and also could provide support and development of individual differences especially.

Result: This study presents a temperamental perspective to preschool education approach in the context of individual differences introductory to temperament based education approach based on Nine Type Temperament Model (NTTM).

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