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Release Date : 2018-02-09
Author : Dr. Enver Demirel Yılmaz
Category :

Psychological Advice and Guidance

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9 Type Temperament in Children

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Nine Types of Temperament in Children

Parents for healthy development of children; both they should have a healthy personality appearance, and they should know their children's temperament structure and their tendencies, motivations and characteristics. The child may have a similar temperament structure that is compatible with their parents, or may have an opposite disposition to their parents. In such cases, the parent will recognize and understand the temperament structure of the child and the appropriate attitude will decrease the family conflicts.

We hope that this humble introduction book, with false generalizations, a distant view of everyone's prescriptions, will be a basis for temperament-based approaches and models. Based on the NTTM, it is aimed to examine the temperament of children, explain their potential risks and behaviors, basic motivations and recognize the children of the parents. Every person is different, but we all have a common point, and temperaments reveal this. In the book, the basic motivations of each temperament, personality views are explained, the negative behaviors and causes of children are discussed and suggestions are made.

Written for child development, this book is actually a very good guide for getting to know yourself and the people around you, because every person is born with a temperament and carries it until he dies. In the book, how the people of the same temperament will look very different from each other, the effect of external factors on personality appearance is beautifully described. In the book, after explaining the general characteristics, potential risks and wing effect of each temperament, EnverDemirelYılmaz explains how you should treat your child with his suggestions. EnverDemirelYılmaz criticizes the suggestions and information given to all children in many of the children's development books as if they had the same character and explains the reasons for the mistake there. After reading this book, if you read other children's development books, you will better understand how you should treat your child and get better results.