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Release Date : 2018-02-09
Author : Dr. Ziya Selçuk - Dr. Enver Demirel Yılmaz
Category :

Psychological Advice and Guidance

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I am the Parent

- Book Content

I am The Parent

I follow all the suggestions I have written in books or from experts, but unfortunately not every child! It doesn't work what we do to ours..

Because your child is not the child in that book. You are not the parent there either iz So için for every child kabul the recommendations that are accepted as valid in general cannot be effective in your family.

How do you know which behavior / approach is right for your child, not for every child? What approach should you take to avoid unwanted behaviors or what should you do in the face of your child's unwanted / incongruous behavior?

We have searched for you with these questions in the book “I’m the Parent”which we prepared carefully based on the nine type of temperament model. Moreover, unlike other books; not a standardized approach that is right for all children and parents;

This book, which can answer the question which approach is correct and useful for a child of temperament type? We believe that it will be a basic guide to determine a suitable parenting attitude for their children and their individual differences.