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In a way, this book is neither educational psychology nor guidance nor a class management book. On the other hand, the starting point for addressing the subject is both educational psychology, guidance, and a class management book, with an interdisciplinary link-conceptual approach, style of evaluation, and applicable aspects.

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Parents for healthy development of children; both they should have a healthy personality appearance, and they should know their children's temperament structure and their tendencies, motivations and characteristics. The child may have a similar temperament structure that is compatible with their parents, or may have an opposite disposition to their parents. In such cases, the parent will recognize and understand the temperament structure of the child and the appropriate attitude will decrease the family conflicts.

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Aşk-ı Mizaç (Love of Temperament), which we prepared based on the nine type of temperament model proven scientifically, was written to be a bedside guide for the individuals to recognize him / herself and his / her partner-wife. We would like to wish Aşk-ı Mizaç, which is a very basic resource that couples can re-read at each stage of their relationship with a new eye or experience a problem, will be a critical and important asında start am for all our readers.

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This book, which can answer the question which approach is correct and useful for a child of temperament type? We believe that it will be a basic guide to determine a suitable parenting attitude for their children and their individual differences.