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Novermber E-Newsletter
Today's children are not able to tame. “Are they children, or are we children?”“I've tried many ways, but my child does not listen!” We hear your words... One of the issues that teachers and parents most complain about is; Students / children do not comply with the rules that must be observed in home and school life. One reason for this is that your child is showing yaklaşımbehavioral problems n while the other reason is that you may not be able to find the right approach....
Mizmer Blog
October E-Newsletter
Nine Types of Temperament Model suggests that human psychology cannot be thought apart from the body, and that in this sense it should be comprehensively evaluated both in the somatic and physical (physical, emotional and cognitive) aspects of the human being during the counseling process. For this reason, MIZMER emphasizes that not only psychic behaviors should be improved / developed but also somatic diagnosis and intervention process should be determined correctly. Our expert Neu...
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September E-Newsletter
Hello; we are together again in the first month of a new academic year. We started to take steps in a process where we left the sunshine and long days behind, and the hustle and intensity stole our door. In this process, some of the students started to take these steps in a way they did not recognize; some of them are a little annoyed, their minds are left in their games, and some of them love the taste of their favorite ice cream....
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May E-Newsletter
With the sun giving us more time, we removed the melancholy to the shelves... It is the time of spring, which is now a source of energy, movement and motivation. As Mizmer Consultancy team, we are conducting corporate and individual works in Ankara and Istanbul provinces within the framework of Nine Types of Temperament Models which have international scientific validity. At the same time there are many private schools and approximately 60,000 students we work in the field of educa...
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Which of these 9 temperaments are you?
Sabah Newspaper / 20.11.2016 Temperament is our lifelong constant feature! Character is a developing element accompanied by a temperament from birth, personality, if it is developing over them, it is a life-long ongoing and constantly changing. The temperament is unchanging, character-resisting, and fully personalized. Well, which of these 9 temperaments,   ...
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One or Several of the 9 Temperament Can Be Your Child...
When we look at the students, the importance of individual differences in the process of learning and teaching is a fact that we accept... Hürriyet Newspaper / 03.11.2014 What is your child ?   Click...
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Differences in temperament in marriage lead to adaptation problems!
Most divorce is seen in the first 5 years of marriage. Compliance problems in marriage are experienced more in the first years. What is the cause of the disputes, what should be done for the solution? Click here to watch the full program of the family counselor and psychologist ÖzgeÜnal, who is working in the Mizmer family and is one of the nine type temperament model experts. ...