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Practical Trainings and Seminars for Working Parents

Practical Trainings and Seminars for Working Parents

Employees' productivity and performances cannot be separated from their private lives. MIZMER is of the opinion that human beings should be treated as a whole spiritually and physically. Therefore, the families, communications and problems of the employees should not be considered separately at this point. Our aim; employees' children, mothers, fathers, etc. to develop relations with people, to solve problems and to raise awareness about these issues. These trainings and seminars have been created to support the sustainability of the parenting which is experienced differently due to their temperament characteristics. The theoretical and practical information are included in the training and seminars.

In Turkey, revealing a new vision of the MIZMER; With the Temperament BasedAbility Model (MITELIK) developed within the framework of Nine Types Temperament Model, it provides unique and scientific solutions to human resources in the field of human resources. MIZMER with his expert team; with a business model that considers the psychological and social development of the family and the children's eco-system as much as the work life, focusing on producing happiness, being productive, focusing on producing happiness. offers customized solutions.

Training Programs

Some of our training and seminars include activities such as breathing exercises, relaxation exercises, role-play activities;

  • Communication with Children with Psychiatric Disorders
  • Filial Therapy; Learning with Play
  • Healthy Communication and Behaviour Management
  • Healthy character and personality development in children
  • Do I Know My Child?