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Mizmer Individual Counselling

Institutional Counselling and Teaching Programs

Institutional Counselling and Teaching Programs

The need for personal training is one of the weakest institutions that aim to achieve results from people, not from human outcomes. The results obtained from the institutions with this perspective are determined and collective training is carried out in order to reveal these results. However, since all individuals in the community do not have the same characteristics, the desired results cannot always be obtained. In MITELIK, each individual needs profile can be removed; special group works are carried out for people who have similar needs. If it is needed as a result of monitoring evaluations, education services for individuals or groups are restructured. Thus, a healthy loop is formed by balancing institutional and individual orientations with a magnifying mechanism. In this context, training and consultancy services are provided to increase the motivation and work performance of managers and employees, to strengthen human relations and to strengthen theoretical commitment.

In Turkey, revealing a new vision of the MIZMER; With the Temperament BasedAbility Model (MITELIK) developed within the framework of Nine Types Temperament Model, it provides unique and scientific solutions to human resources in the field of human resources. MIZMER with his expert team; with a business model that considers the psychological and social development of the family and the children's eco-system as much as the work life, focusing on producing happiness, being productive, focusing on producing happiness. offers customized solutions.

Training Programs

  • "Self-Return"; Human Structure and Nine Type Temperament Model Training
  • "Wheels of the Mind"; Structural Centre and Functional Departments Training
  • What Kind of a Source You are?; Temperament Types Training
  • "That day we will run out "; Training on Combating Burnout
  • Our Hidden Trends, I We All; "Personality Orientation and Object Relations Training"
  • "Unconscious Trap”s Psychological Interference and Hygienic Media Training
  • "Language of Needs in Relationships de Effective Communication Training
  • Converter Power; "Therapeutic Leadership Training"
  • Impossible; "Synthetic Personality Training"