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MITELIK Hiring Applications

MITELIK Hiring Applications

Recruitment process at MİTELİK is used as a tool to support integration in terms of development of the employees and managers of the institution. MİTELİK is important in terms of integrating this understanding, increasing productivity, making rapid recruitment and getting quick feedback from job applicants. Unlike traditional HR (Human Resources) approaches in MITELIK, technical skills that are taken into account only in CV and interview are not examined. Passion, durability, practicality, entrepreneurship, innovation and reasoning skills of the candidate are among the main factors of employment. In addition, multiple evaluators actually assess the real and potential characteristics of the candidate in terms of applicability and sustainability and increase the hit rate. Employees are employed in the context of the team they work with, beyond being treated as individuals when employed. In this way, the employment process is not only a recruitment of an individual, but also a team member is also considered as participation. Unification of Each Position; MİTELİK envisages that each position shall be united by the nature and need of the institution instead of the statements of general positions declared by the institutions (mid-level managers, sales representatives, finance managers). For this purpose, positions are conceptually combined on a matrix that includes competencybased skill sets and temperament types.

In Turkey, revealing a new vision of the MIZMER; With the Temperament BasedAbility Model (MITELIK) developed within the framework of Nine Types Temperament Model, it provides unique and scientific solutions to human resources in the field of human resources. MIZMER with his expert team; with a business model that considers the psychological and social development of the family and the children's eco-system as much as the work life, focusing on producing happiness, being productive, focusing on producing happiness. offers customized solutions.

Matching the Unified Position to Applicants

In MITELIK, temperament characteristics, which are found as a natural potential in candidates, are examined whether they match well with the features required to do the work. This process continues with the evaluation of how much individual exhibits the characteristics of its temperament type. It is also assessed by "synthetic personality-based" interviews, whether or not they acquire what they need to do the job - even if it doesn't exist naturally in its temperament type. In this way, the harmony between the possible job and that person’s ability match is evaluated by comparing the Ip work and temperament type. How this person exhibits the potential properties that he / she has already possessed by his own temperament type, and whether or not he has gained the features not found in his temperament. The process of unifying the position provides a roadmap on which individual scales should be used, other than the temperament test. In other words; In addition to temperament test, a large number of individual and case-specific scale measures can be applied. Thus, the relationship between work and person can be defined as bidirectional. Not only the person who is suitable for the job, but the appropriate business analysis can be put into practice.