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Digital Guidance System

Digital Guidance System

The Temperament Based Digital Guidance System is a digital guidance system that enables students in all levels from preschool to high school end to determine temperament types and follow-up their personality development based on the Nine Type Temperament Model. Temperament Based Digital Guidance System offers detailed temperament analysis reports prepared individually for each student's supervisor, counsellor, class teacher and guardian. In addition, guidance counsellors and class teachers; gives recommendations of the most appropriate personal, educational and vocational guidance approach specific to the type of temperament. The Temperament Based Digital Guidance System offers individual suggestions that can contribute to the emergence of potential characteristics of the student's temperament type but which have not yet emerged in a quality manner.

In the field of education in Turkey reveal a new vision of the Mizmer; Educational Institutions based on the Temperament Based Training Applications prepared within the framework of the Nine Type Temperament Model; The training provides a realistic and accurate view of individual differences in order to raise the quality, to educate happy, healthy, productive, harmonious and socially beneficial individuals. In addition, it provides institutions with the opportunity to maintain high-level education and training activities with the proper placement of each staff working in educational institutions and providing practical information for performance quality.

Temperament Based Digital Guidance (DRS)

The Temperament Based Digital Guidance System offers suggestions to prevent the disclosure of risky features of the student's temperament type. At the same time, the student does not exhibit his / her own kind of temperament, but later can learn the features that can determine and propose an approach about how these features can be gained. In summary, Temperament Based Digital Guidance System is a guidance system that takes students 'individual differences on the basis of innate and non-life-changing temperament types and thus carries the yaşam students' guidance practices specific to temperament type i into a digital environment with a practical, applicable, accurate and consistent approach.