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School Culture Analysis

School Culture Analysis

According to the nine type Temperament Model, a human resource management and management strategy based on temperament provides a school climate that will produce the desired cultural values and hence the school identity as well as the existing school identity. For this purpose, the ideal identity of the school is determined as a result of interviews with school founders and senior management staff. Then the analysis of the existing school culture and climate will determine the points that are not suitable for the ideal identity. Then, an in-service training plan suitable for the individual differences of the people who are related to these points can be solved by solving the problems that cause problems, and that the school identity is getting closer to the ideal.

In the field of education in Turkey reveal a new vision of the Mizmer; Educational Institutions based on the Temperament Based Training Applications prepared within the framework of the Nine Type Temperament Model; The training provides a realistic and accurate view of individual differences in order to raise the quality, to educate happy, healthy, productive, harmonious and socially beneficial individuals. In addition, it provides institutions with the opportunity to maintain high-level education and training activities with the proper placement of each staff working in educational institutions and providing practical information for performance quality.

Nine Type Temperament Scale

In the first stage, Nine Types of Temperament Scale (TDSC) is applied to the school founders and senior managers to evaluate the type of temperament. Then, our expert team interviews with these people in order to approve the temperament type, to evaluate the natural and synthetic personality characteristics of the individuals and to analyse the vision and mission of the school within the framework of these features. As a result of these interviews, the ideal identity of the school is determined.