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Psychological support program for Managers and Teachers

Psychological support program for Managers and Teachers

School management and teaching is a profession in which the nature of personal characteristics (perspective of life, action, emotions and thoughts, the level of psychological health and awareness of school personnel) is reflected in more jobs and affects the work than other occupational groups. The well-nutritional match of school identity and manager / teacher characteristics influences the happiness, motivation, job satisfaction of the individuals and increases their success. At the same time, the adaptation of the personal characteristics of individuals enables them to make a healthy contribution to the identity of the school in terms of values and to help them to root for the identity of the school by serving for a long time.

In the field of education in Turkey reveal a new vision of the Mizmer; Educational Institutions based on the Temperament Based Training Applications prepared within the framework of the Nine Type Temperament Model; The training provides a realistic and accurate view of individual differences in order to raise the quality, to educate happy, healthy, productive, harmonious and socially beneficial individuals. In addition, it provides institutions with the opportunity to maintain high-level education and training activities with the proper placement of each staff working in educational institutions and providing practical information for performance quality.

Psychological Support Programs

However, there is no roadmap for holistic and long-term strategies that can analyse and evaluate the harmony between school identity and manager / teacher traits within the context of individual differences. At this point, MIZMER offers personal psychological support programs based on the interaction of manager / teacher and school identity.