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Who We Are ?

We are an expert team that focuses on understanding the range of human behaviour from normal to psychopathology.

We are a team that is inspired by the roots produced by the accumulation of universal civilization and who has a holistic and unique model that provides professional support in the fields of educational, professional, psychological and social development for each individual who wants to know and understand himself or herself and the other.

Understanding and interpreting human in a broader perspective to offer psychological support to the educational, pedagogical, psychological and psychiatric assistance that meets their needs in a holistic way is a first in Turkey and the world in its field.

Our Purpose

MIZMER, who started out with the motto "Worth Humanity", offers training and consultancy services; It aims to contribute to the development of, healthy individuals, families and society by supporting children, youth, adults and families to livein a harmonious, balanced, successful, happy and high-quality life.

With the motto "Worth Human", MIZMER aims to contribute to the development of healthy individuals, families and society by supporting education of children, young people, adults and families through a “harmonious, balanced, successful, happy and high quality" life.

Worth Humanity...


MIZMER which makes holistic psychology, pedagogy and providing training support possible in Turkey, and training and consulting practices based on Nine Types of Temperament Model (NTTM) to make the future become “individual training and consultancy centers” together with research, development, promotion, and dissemination in the country and in the international area.


  • Bring a new perspective on the basis of Nine Types of Temperament Model for training and consulting practices aimed at maintaining, strengthening and improving psychological health of people in Turkey and in the world.
  • Being the intersection point of different disciplines that mediate the development of the individuals.
  • Modelling private, social, educational, business life experiences and relationships with software and artificial intelligence applications, and offering these models to experts from different industries.
  • Guiding individuals in a personal, academic and career development with person-specific approach.
  • Transforming the dynamics of life from the roots of civilization into a social heritage that will facilitate human relations in the future.
What is Nine Types Temperament Model ?

Nine Types Temperament Model (NTTM) focuses on understanding the origin of human behaviour and the concept of temperament at the centre of individual differences. According to the Nine Types Temperament Model, each person is born with one of temperament types. All types of temperament have a quest, orientation and motivation. Our congenital temperament structure is very influential on our actions, feelings and thoughts. In fact, temperament is the most fundamental factor that determines how we perceive life, how we interpret events and situations, the ways we communicate, our decisions and orientations, our motivation for work and the dynamics of all our relationships.

Nine Types Temperament Model interprets the positive-negative characteristics, general characteristic structure of each temperament type, congenital characteristics, changes in behaviors in comfortable and oppressive situations, natural personality and synthetic personality traits in a comprehensive, coherent and holistic way.

Working Areas
  • Psychiatric and Neurological Consultancy
  • Psychological Counselling
  • Pedagogical Counselling
  • Educational and academical Consultancy
  • Psychiatric and Psychological Measurements
  • Supportive Medical Services
  • Psychodrama
  • Special Education
  • Math, Literacy, Natural and Social Sciences Education
Supporting Topics

We offer individual and system-based reports in the following areas:

  • Personality Development Process
  • Intelligence Development
  • Social Skills Development
  • Psychological Support for Child Development
  • Response Strategies for Behaviour Change
  • Giftedness
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Career Planning Program
  • Low Academic Performance and School Refusal
  • Farklı Gelişen Çocukları İzleme ve Destek Sağlama
  • Person-based Learning Programs
  • Behavioural Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Mood Disorders
  • Anxiety and Stress Disorders
  • Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit
  • Posttraumatic Disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Marital Adjustment and Marriage Conflicts
  • Sexual Problems
  • Addiction Problems
  • Panic Disorder
Our Differences

We are working with a strong model that offers the opportunity to examine and develop individual differences from early childhood, and that can be applied in a way that is consistent and effective in working lifelong.

Nine Types Temperament Model explains the temperament, character and personality organization in a holistic way from normal to psychopathology with an approach centred on the concept of temperament that constitutes human psychological DNA. Nine Types Temperament Model accommodates cultural and universal definitions with harmony in nature, emphasizes the individual differences and specificity of the scientific field. In addition, the Nine Types Temperament Model provides a holistic perspective in the field of determining individual differences with a temperament-based perspective, monitoring development, solving development crises, reflecting the behaviour development processes to education and guidance, establishing family-expert cooperation and effectively reflecting on practices.

Ne Üretiyoruz?

MizMer; eğitim, çocuk gelişimi, rehberlik, psikoloji, psikiyatri ve insan kaynakları alanında Dokuz Tip Mizaç Modeli (DTMM) çerçevesinde bireyin mizaç, karakter ve kişilik yapısına uygun yeni bir anlayış ve yaklaşımla destek hizmetleri veren merkezlerdir. MizMer, çok boyutlu gelişim ve DTMM çerçevesinde “bireye özgü” psikoterapi, psikolojik danışmanlık, eğitsel-akademik rehberlik, kari- yer rehberliği, farklı gelişen çocuklar için yardım, insan kaynakları yönetimi alanında hizmet vermek amacıyla kurulmuştur.

MizMer, çocuklara, öğrencilere, ergenlere, yetişkinlere, evli çiftlere, anne ve babalara, kurumsal firmalara ve çalışanlarına, ruh sağlığı alanı çalışanlarına, eğitim uzmanlarına ve eğitim yöneticil- erine; MizMerAkademi tarafından geliştirilen eğitim ve danışmanlık içerikleriyle nitelikli ve etkin destekler üretmektedir.

Uyum ve kişilik gelişimi temelinde bireylere DTMM modeli kapsamında ve ek bilimsel destekler kullanılarak çözüm odaklı yardım hizmetleri sunulmaktadır.