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Obsession and Impairment Disorder in Children

“There is always a voice in my mind that says that I'm not clean enough so I wash my hands 10 more times. I have to do this until I silence it.”

“I'm so scared of making it wrong that I've checked a text that I've written over and over again. This makes it never to end, but I can't do it any other way.” 

“I'm too scared to lose the people I love. This causes me to count everything I see, if I stop it, I feel like my loved...

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Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder is a psychiatric disorder that draws attention with the ups and downs that affect the emotional and cognitive processes of the individual. Also used in the term 'boundary'; the disease is due to a border between neurotic and psychotic perception.

The disorder forms a personality pattern with the effect of life events in the development process of the individual. According to physicians; young adulthood begins with the beginning of attention when the ind...

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How Do I Know That My Child’s Ability is Superior?

The academic achievement, social and personal development opportunities offered to the community in the field of education and training, as well as the awareness of parents on issues related to their children, academic success is gaining importance. When it comes to academic achievement, the first question that comes to mind of individuals is the number of children's intelligence points. If your child has shown high performance as a result of some intelligence level evaluations, he can enter...

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NTTM basic level education - Trabzon

Basic Level of Nine Types Temperament Model Training was done in Trabzon, we conducted the training on basic temperament system especially for child development and education with Guidance Teachers and Pedagogues. At the end of the two-week training, participants received certificates of Basic Level of Nine Types Temperament Model Training.

Today’s psychological approaches talks about how each child should be handled in his own uniqueness. However, while some psychotherapies app...

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Temperament Based Psychological Counseling and Guidance

Nowadays, the Traditional Guidance Approach focusing on the problems of the students is replaced by the “Developmental Guidance” approach, which is centered on supporting career development only, designed for educational institutions. The developmental guidance approach aims to support the lifelong development of children based on developmental theories. It aims to support the life development of all students in a predictive and preventive destek manner, not just problematic stu...