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I am the Parent
I am the Parent
I am the Parent
Release Date : 2018-02-09
Author : Dr. Ziya Selçuk - Dr. Enver Demirel Yılmaz
Category :

Psychological Advice and Guidance

I am the Parent
I am the Parent
I am the Parent

I am the Guide

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I’m the Guide

In a way, this book is neither educational psychology nor guidance nor a class management book. On the other hand, the starting point for addressing the subject is both educational psychology, guidance, and a class management book, with an interdisciplinary link-conceptual approach, style of evaluation, and applicable aspects.

Because education; Starting from the concept of temperament, which is the most basic psychological building block of human being, it approaches a holistic model that defends the need to start by recognizing and understanding human with both subject and object. At the same time, the general reader who is curious about the subject and the valuable educators who are the laborers of this work; it provides a new and holistic understanding, which is linked to existing knowledge.

This book is based on the Nine Types of Temperament Model (NTTM) in an effort to build a scientific and inclusive framework. It seeks to provide a systematic, comprehensive and new temperament based education and guidance approach; it is not a classic textbook. For this reason, a style that uses sen theoretical-scientific content that cannot be applied, and which does not look for a piece, is adopted.

The true students that you see in life are intended to present by talking to you in an understandable manner with the real examples you have already encountered. The convergence of NTTM, combining theoretical science with everyday life, makes it easier to use such language. At the same time, it is compatible with the idea that knowledge can only be shared with an approach that is appropriate to all needs of individuals and by making contact with them.