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Bio resonance Therapies

Bio resonance Therapies

Bio resonance therapies, which is one of the integrative medicine applications that are becoming widespread in the world and in our country, are the general name of complementary medicine applications which provide energy-based balancing in the body and applied with the help of devices. Bio resonance therapies are performed by means of external interaction with the body and the balance in the energetic nature of the body. The Ondamed device used in resonance therapy able to test whether the frequency given to the person is resonating or which frequency group is more effective. Thus, it can offer personalized therapies. It is a medical treatment device approved by the FDA with medical device approval. With Ondamed, we get information about the weak and strong areas of the body in a matter of minutes. Nowadays, many experts are now in favour of testing natural alternatives before chemical solutions. In this context, Ondamed is preferred by many experts by providing the body with very essential advantages for capturing its natural resonance.

With Bioresonance therapies, we solve many problems of individuals without medication, without side effects and effortlessly. In this way, our problem in a short time to get rid of the healthiest, but in order to prevent recurrence, we take all our measures in the treatment configuration.


Therapies that we frequently use in bio resonance therapies:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Losing weight
  • Joint pain
  • Waist and neck therapy
  • Migraine pain
  • Treatment of fatigue