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Pre-marriage Counselling

Pre-marriage Counselling

A happy flirt or marriage process depends on how individuals behave to each other. The quality of the relationship, on the other hand, is related to the harmony of the innate and life-altering temperament structures of individuals. If individuals know what they expect from life and each other, how they perceive life and look at the events, that is what their tendencies of temperament structures are, their marriage can be a first step towards sharing a happy and healthy life. For this, however, they must have objective and correct knowledge about their temperament structure. The main purpose of our Pre-Marriage Counselling service is to enable individuals to have objective, accurate and consistent knowledge about each other and their relationships.

We render pre-marital counseling services that provide the most basic source of light for individuals to recognize, understand and discover each other. In this way, we enable individuals to see each other and conflict points through their main structures throughout life.


The main objectives of our Premarital Consultancy services are as follows;

  • To give awareness to counselees about their temperament types,
  • To ensure that individuals have detailed knowledge about each other's temperament and personality structures,
  • To develop a common language and understanding among individuals before marriage,
  • To give comprehensive information about the problems that can be experienced during the marriage, the differences that may cause problems and how they can be overcome by considering the temperament types,
  • To enable them to decide whether to continue their relationship in a healthy way or not,
  • Psychological preparedness of individuals for marriage process.