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Mizmer Individual Counselling

Group Therapies and Workshops

Group Therapies and Workshops

Temperament Based Group Therapy

Temperament-based group therapy aims to support the positive potentials of each child in their natural personality traits and prevent their risky aspects. However, it is beneficial for the child to develop synthetic personality traits, to learn coping skills and to experience what they have learned in the group, just like in life with children of different temperament types.

Psychodrama Workshop

By means of temperament-based psychodrama, it is aimed to support the positive potentials of each child in their natural personality traits and prevent their risky aspects. In addition, the child contributes to the development of synthetic personality traits, learning and coping skills, as well as children with different temperament types, just like in life.

Philosophy Workshop

With the Philosophy Workshop, it is not intended for children to find answers on many subjects in life, but to really wonder and discuss something. In this way, "Who am I? What is body and mind? What is truth? What is freedom? What is knowledge? What is beauty? What is good? What is emotion? What is life? What is success? What is Time?" healthy questioning and research related to many questions.

Science Workshop

In the Science Workshop, it is aimed that children develop a scientific attitude and experience the process of seeking, collecting and benefiting information.

Art studio

The art workshop, which aims to develop children's temperament with various branches of art, consists of 4 chapters:

  • Literature Workshop:
    • It aims to develop children's ability to express their feelings and thoughts in line with their own interests.
  • Poetry Workshop:
    • Wording, concept, connotation techniques and writing poetry with playing techniques aiming to help children discover the playful side of poetry and increase their motivation in line with the poems they write.
  • Story Workshop:
    • Three separate activities provide a free and fun environment for children to write their stories.
  • Painting Workshop:
    • It is aimed not only to teach painting but also to improve the existing painting ability and to provide the child with a free and creative environment in this sense and to enable the child to explore all aspects of painting.

With group therapies and workshops, we offer a versatile development service for children, young people and adults. Together with this multi-faceted development service, we aim to bring awareness, to shed light and to guide.


Objectives of the Science Workshop:

  • To develop scientific and critical thinking skills,
  • Establishing a cause-effect relationship, enabling them to comprehensively understand events or phenomena,
  • To reinforce the feelings of curiosity,
  • Contribute to their physical, emotional and cognitive development,
  • Develop multi-dimensional thinking skills,
  • Contribute to the development of creative thinking,
  • Support problem-solving skills,
  • To ensure the development of fun and permanent learning in children, with the versatility and variability of activities.