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Why Temperament Therapy?

Why Temperament Therapy?

Temperament is psychological DNA that determines the motivation, perceptions, priorities and tendencies of individuals in life. Biological and permanent temperament characteristics by interacting with over time (intelligence, age, gender, etc.) and external (education, etc.) factors determine the 'unique' personality. In this case, the basic building block of an individual treatment is temperament. A temperament-based counselling assesses individuals in their individual physical, emotional, and intellectual environments and defines their treatment types. With this holistic assessment and treatment individuals experience high quality, successful, happy life while making sense of themselves and those around them.

With our psychological counseling services, we aim to provide you with a lantern that you can use to illuminate your way throughout your life. With this beacon, we make you discover yourself, your life and everything around you.



Nine Types Temperament Model

In a temperament-based consulting mediated by the Nine Types Temperament Model the predisposition to psychological problems is foreseen in the view of temperament. Considering this prediction, many problems are detected both correctly and individuals are quite comfortable in terms of treatment methods and time. MIZMER as the first to offer consulting services based on temperament in Turkey draw a suitable, person-specific road map with its expert, rigorous, qualified staff.