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Temperament Harmony

Temperament Harmony

Temperament Harmony is a sort of consultancy that discusses the problems faced by married or unmarried individuals in their relations with the Nine Types Temperament Model experts and they resolve them together. The emotional, cognitive and behavioural problems experienced by individuals with temperament harmony approach are evaluated by psychologists taking into account the temperament types of individuals. Thus, for each individual applying for counselling, the best road map in accordance with the temperament types and potentials of individuals is determined instead of general recommendations.

We offer a new perspective that you have never knew about the problems experienced between individuals and family with our temperament harmony services. From this point of view, we aim to attain the knowledge of the most basic source of the solution of your conflicts.


Temperament Harmony

In the temperament harmony approach, individuals are sometimes attending to the sessions with the guidance of our experts, but sometimes attending to the sessions separately. The aim is to provide individuals with practical and effective solutions for the problems they face during each day, as well as to enable the partners to better understand themselves and then each other and to overcome the problems they experience in their relations with their own potential powers.