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Intensive Training of The Nine Types Temperament Model

Intensive Training of The Nine Types Temperament Model


In personal context

  • When you start from yourself, it enables you to discover your motivation, quest, trends and positive / negative potentials in your life.
  • You learn how your temperament shapes your behaviour, emotion, and thought.
  • It allows you to realize your behaviour, emotion and thought features in your stress and relaxation situations.
  • It helps you to what you need to change in order to become a healthier, more peaceful, happy, balanced individual and to improve your quality of life and to practice your profession better.


In Professional Context

  • It provides you with detailed information about the properties of temperament types and a solid theoretical framework in your minds.
  • It enables you to identify the behaviour, emotions and thoughts of your students or clients in a holistic, accurate and consistent manner.
  • It allows you to determine the most accurate and effective form of communication in your relationship with them without losing time.
  • From the first interview, they help you to draw up a guide map for their basic psychological needs.
  • It allows you to understand how they perceive events or situations and predict how they react.
  • It allows you to know your psychopathological tendencies and to recognize situations that require psychological help.

Who Can Attend ?

  • University students or new graduates of related fields
  • Psychological Counsellor
  • Psychologists
  • Family Counsellors
  • Social Workers
  • Mentor Teachers

We believe that families develop a healthy personality and have a very important responsibility. For this reason, we support parents with practical, useful and scientific applications that will help their children to be helped throughout their lives and to support their children to develop a healthy character and personality.